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Corfe Mullen

Major structural alterations


This project in Corfe Mullen was one of the mpost demanding structural alterations we have ever carried out. Access was via a narrow path to the side and the hosue is built on a hill. The front garden didnt have more than a metre2 of level ground to store anything so there was no room for a storage container.

All spoil had to be taken out via the side access - over 120 tonnes of clay had to be dug out of the back garden and disposed of. Drainage was also an issue with very shallow existing drains having to be extended to the new 8m x 4m extension at the rear and all th eway across the back.

Structurally practically no 1st floor wall would align with a ground floor wall so over 25 RSJs had to be installed to carry the 1st floor. Almost all existing internal walls were taken out and rebuilt or deleted requiring new footings and major structural alteration.

With 2 new bathrooms, 4 remodelled bedrooms, an attic play room, extended lounge and new study plus a new ground floor WC, a huge new kitchen area and a smart utility room with a large rooflight as well as a new sun terrace with gabion retainers and oak sleeper walls this large project this was probably our most challenging yet.